There are 2 main types of tenancy agreement. One is called an “Assured Shorthold Tenancy” (AST) and is the most common type used by private landlords & letting agents. The other is an “Assured Tenancy” and is more often used by local authorities and housing associations.

An “Assured Shorthold Tenancy” only provides the tenant security of tenure for the duration of the agreed term. At the end of the fixed term the landlord has three options: to grant a new tenancy for a further fixed period, to leave the tenancy running on a month to month basis (known as a “periodic tenancy”) or, if he wants his property back, he must give the tenant at least two months written notice to leave.

An “Assured Tenancy” gives the tenant long-term security of tenure and he does not have to move unless he wants to or if the landlord can prove in court that he has grounds for gaining possession (eg rent arrears).

An assured tenancy must be the tenant’s only or main home.

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