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Dover Lettings

Dover Lettings


Why rent or relocate to Dover in Kent?  Dover is a busy port town on the southeast coast of Kent. Just 21 miles of English Channel separate Dover from France. You can look across the Dover strait and see Calais on a clear day. It has a varied architecture from ancient to modern.

The iconic white cliffs of Dover are world famous but they aren’t Dover’s only claim to fame. Dover Castle sits high on the cliff’s overlooking the town. Dover museum is home to a Bronze Age boat discovered in the town which is believed to be the oldest known sea going vessel in the world.

Dover has seen the arrival of invading armies across the centuries. Today the port of Dover is still very busy with freight ferries, passenger ferries and cruise liners. In fact it is the 5th busiest port in the world.

Dover has also been the scene of many firsts – Bleriot’s cross channel flight, the world’s first ship-to-shore transmission and the first electric lighthouse.

There are plenty of reasons to rent or relocate in Dover and the surrounding areas. Coast line, countryside, history, day trips to France and much more.

So if you are looking for property in the Dover District then give The Accommodation Shop a call – We are 100% dedicated to lettings and property management and our professional staff are on hand to help you!