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There has been a lot of hype in the media preying on the insecurities of both tenants and landlords regarding the length of tenancies. Journalists in search of a headline or politicians in search of a vote sometimes paint a misleading image of tenants’ experiences of the private rented sector.


We are told that private rented housing isn’t working for families as there is no security of tenure and no way of putting down roots in the community – really? The latest findings from the English Housing Survey show that “the average tenancy now lasts just shy of 4 years.” In fact the strength of evidence supporting the counter argument is compelling yet seems to be ignored or drowned out by examples which highlight the worst cases in the sector. There are approximately nine million renters across the UK – no wonder the politicians want their vote, but are they scare mongering? 


There is a growing misconception that renting is an insecure tenure and that tenants are only ever two months away from being told they must leave. Whilst we would be wrong to dismiss this notion out of hand you have to ask yourself why Politicians and pressure groups would have us believe that Landlords are itching to end a tenancy at the earliest opportunity. In reality the costs to the landlord of regular turnover, void periods and advertising are the last thing that they want. It is our experience at The Accommodation Shop that the majority of tenants move on for their own reasons, whether for an extra bedroom for a newborn or work relocation. Data would support this as nationally just 0.5% said that they had to move because their landlord increased the rent or ended the tenancy. 


At The Accommodation Shop we believe in making our tenants feel at home and giving peace of mind to our Landlords. We work with our Landlords to ensure that they offer accommodation that is clean, bright and welcoming; somewhere tenants can take pride in living. We encourage mutual respect and good relationships. We keep in communication with our tenants and landlords regularly. A tenant who feels at home is more likely to stay on. We understand what the politicians fail to – that a good long term tenant who pays his/her rent on time and looks after the property is worth their weight in gold. We actively seek good landlords and have rigorous referencing checks for potential tenants. We have happy tenants and in turn we have happy landlords and we work hard to make sure it stays that way.

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