Rental Deposits – Confused ?

Are you a landlord?

Confused over whether or not you have to protect a deposit for a rental property?

Then take away that confusion by letting The Accommodation Shop manage your property. You will then be able to take advantage of our Tenant Bond Scheme underwritten by ourselves.

A Tenant Bond Warranty benefits both the landlord and the tenant.

Benefits for tenants:

  • No large deposit to be paid.
  • Tenants can move into a property quicker as they do not have to save for a deposit or wait for a deposit to be released from a previous rental property.
  • The Tenant Bond Warranty covers the tenant for the life of the tenancy.
  • Tenants move out without the worry and stress of waiting for their deposit to be returned.


Benefits for Landlords:

  • Rent Cover – covers up to one Month’s Rent Arrears
  • Instant cover –  Covers against breakage, loss or damage to property up to one Month’s Rent
  • No cost to Landlord – All costs met by in-going tenant
  • Advantage – Give your property more advantage over the competition


The Tenant Bond Guarantee is designed to help minimise these initial costs, whilst still providing the required financial protection to the Landlords. The Tenant Bond Guarantee provides guaranteed payment against malicious damage and non-payment of rent at the end of the tenancy.


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