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Dover Property Maintenance

Dover Property Maintenance


You’ve spent time and hard earned money buying a property as a rental investment and it will pay you back dividends if you look after it. Once you have found a good tenant it is essential to keep up a good Tenant/Landlord relationship so that should something go wrong with your property the tenant knows what to do straight away!

Leave your mobile number with your tenant they need to be able to reach you at all times. There will be problems that arise with your rental property. As the landlord, the onus is on you to deal with the problems. You should expect phone calls at the most random times of the day. You can have a trouble tenant that complains about the water not being hot enough at six in the morning. Then you can have a more respectful tenant that just breaks something by accident in the middle of the night. Expect your phone to ring at the most random times.

There’s no easy solution here. You just need to deal with the issues as they come. There will be plenty of different issues that can potentially come your way. Some issues will be within your grasp to resolve. Other issues could be a bit too complex. When an issue is too complex for you, you need to outsource it. Don’t know how to fix the toilet? Call a Plumber. It’s pretty simple. You just need to deal with all issues as they come.

Better still ues the services of a good Lettings Agent who can manage your property for you.  They will have a roster of well qualified trade’s people on their books they can call on your behalf and have the work carried out quickly and effectively.

Make sure you have adequate Landlords Insurance to cover the property should anything potentially serious occur. A normal household policy will not cover you.

The Accommodation Shop has a dedicated Estates Manager who can plan any works that you require on your property, arrange for quotes and make sure the work is done to a very high standard.  We currently manage over 700 properties across Kent and Southern England and have been letting property for over 20 years!

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