Pet Friendly Landlords

Pet Friendly Rentals

Pet Friendly Rentals

An article in Landlord & Buy-to-Let magazine highlighted a very interesting fact that landlords that accept pets in a property open themselves up to a far greater pool of potential tenants. With tenancies lasting longer in the property.

At The Accommodation Shop we are always keen to speak to landlords that will accept pets. We are finding an increased demand for pet friendly landlords across Kent, particularly those in rural and semi-rural areas.

We have put in place our own Pet Clause that is appended to the tenancy agreement. We also ask for a larger deposit, a non-refundable payment in advance or insist that when the tenant vacates the property it is professionally cleaned and de-flea treatment put down by one of our own contractors who specialise in this area.

In particular we are seeing a lot of families looking for good quality property that will accept pets, normally cats and dogs. They are finding it hard to move!

So if you are a landlord, have a property that needs letting and you’d consider letting a tenant have a pet then we are confident that we can find you a tenant very quickly.

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