Winter is here!

Winter is here!

Remember the dreadful cold snap during 2012 where we saw many parts of the country in the grip of severe cold and very wintry conditions?

Insurance companies were inundated with claims for damage to property.

Landlords submitted a greater number of claims than in previous years due to damage from the freezing conditions, particularly from water damage. In the past few days with the heavy rainfall here in the South East we have had a number of properties suffer damage.

Landlords can take simple steps to reduce the risk of flooding including:

•             Ensure all pipes are adequately insulated

•             Check overflow pipes are correctly connected and not blocked

•             Leave the heating on a low setting if the property is vacated for any period during winter

•             Give the tenant an emergency contact phone number

•             If flooding does occur, ensure repairs are done as quickly as possible.

If you are a landlord then you should ensure your property is properly protected during winter. Last year’s extreme cold resulted in a spate of claims due to frozen pipes bursting. Check that your current insurance policy is specifically designed for a rented property as normal house hold insurance will not cover you.

Flooding can cause many thousands of pounds in damage to a property and make it uninhabitable for the tenant. Landlords should protect their property and their investment by ensuring that they have a policy that covers them for such damage.

It all makes for common sense, but if you require further information on specialist insurance for your property, need a fully vetted contractor or have a property that needs letting then call The Accommodation Shop today!