Contents Insurance for Tenants

Contents Insurance for Tenants

So you have rented a nice house or flat?

Being a tenant you can enjoy the convenience of calling your landlord whenever the boiler breaks down, or the drains get blocked and being a good Landlord he gets it fixed asap!  In return, your landlord will expect you to keep the property in good condition.

Accidents occur! It’s an everyday fact! How many times have you nearly knocked that glass of wine over on the carpet? Spilt some bleach on the bathroom or kitchen floor?

You will need to get tenants contents insurance, as your landlord will only have buildings insurance for the property you have rented from them.

The Accommodation Shop can provide you with Contents Insurance specifically aimed at those people who rent property! .. Simply, cheaply and can be arranged over the phone or in our offices in Kent.

Call us today – get covered – avoid a costly accident!