Keep your property clean!

Keep your property clean!

A common problem with disputes at checkouts is how clean a tenant has left the property. At The Accommodation Shop we do a full property inventory, written and photos, detailing how clean things like ovens, carpets, kitchen taps etc are.

When a tenant leaves we expect the condition of the property to be the same as when they moved in.

Ovens cause the most problems. If it has been listed on the inventory as clean then it must be handed back clean. Burn marks, grease stains does not mean that it is clean. Tenants are often surprised as to how much a professional oven cleaning company will charge.

Carpets – If you move into a property where a new carpet has been fitted then the landlord will expect it to be left in a very clean state. Hoovering on a regular basis will ensure that it is kept in good condition; lifting furniture to clean underneath will also help.

Kitchens – grease deposits throughout the kitchen on surfaces and cupboards may look clean but will feel sticky to the touch.

Lime Scale – kitchen and bathroom fittings are the responsibility of the tenants and they should ensure that lime scale deposits are cleaned off. The excuse that they live in a hard water area should not be taken allowed.

If you have an accident then phone your landlord or letting agent straight away. Do not leave it until you move out.

Should you need any professional cleaning done then call our office and we will be able to put you in touch with one of our approved contractors.