No Deposit?

At The Accommodation Shop we realise that in the current difficult financial climate sometimes finding enough money to pay for rent and deposits can be difficult.

We have been working hard with our Landlords to come up with an alternative to the current Deposit required when moving into a rental property. The current legislation and fee’s required to protect tenants deposits has led us to develop this new service.

We have therefore launched our new Tenant Bond Guarantee.

The Tenant Bond Guarantee is available on selected properties from our current stock and enables applicants to apply for properties if they cannot find the full traditional deposit required.

The Tenant Bond Guarantee fee is held by The Accommodation Shop and used at the end of the tenancy to cover any damages or rent arrears. Unlike a traditional deposit the tenant does not get the fee paid under the Tenant Bond Guarantee back at the end of their tenancy.

Any prospective tenant using the Tenant Bond Guarantee is thoroughly referenced checked and if needed a Guarantor is put in place as well.

The Tenant Bond Guarantee covers the tenant for the duration of their time at the rented property.

There are no completed forms to fill in for the Tenant Bond Guarantee and we can issue one to cover any property instantly from our offices.