Condensation, Damp and Mould?

Condensation Problem?

Condensation Problem?

Every home gets condensation at some time!

Condensation on windows spoils the look of the windows, creates mould, can destroy wooden frames and is a pain to mop up every morning.  It can be greatly reduced and prevented completely, but in order to win this battle you need to understand your enemy!

Why do I get condensation?

There are three factors that decide whether you get condensation or not;

  • The level of moisture in the air
  • The air temperature of the room
  • The surface temperature of the windows

The more moisture there is in the air the more likely it is that you will get condensation.  Moisture in the air comes from drying clothes in the house, boiling vegetables, putting the kettle on, bathing, showering, open flame gas style heating, rain soaked clothing, breathing and the damp British weather.

The warmer you keep the air in the room the more moisture the air can hold and the greater the difference is likely to be in the air temperature and the surface temperature of the windows overnight in winter.

The colder the windows are the more likely it is that condensation will occur and the less moisture is required for condensation to happen.  This is why we see more condensation in the winter and less in the summer.

The condensation cycle

  • We put moisture into the air during our normal daily activities.
  • The temperature drops overnight and the surface temperature of the windows decreases.
  • The moist air in the room comes into contact with the window and condenses.
  • We wake up in the morning to water dripping down the windows.
  • We mop up the moisture, take a shower, put the kettle on and take a load of washing out of the washing machine and put it in the airer to dry.

Breaking this cycle

Look at where you are creating moisture and see what can be done to prevent moisture from getting into the air.  For example putting lids on saucepans whilst they are boiling, doing a final rinse when using the washing machine, always maintaining and using an extractor fan in the bathroom.

The honest answer though is that we will always produce moisture and we will do so on a daily basis.

Opening windows to solve the problem

Opening windows for around twenty minutes will exchange all of the air within a room with air from outside.  Everything will be exchanged, moisture as well.

It’s a simple and effective solution – try it !